How It Works

Step 1

Get Started

  • Fill out our form or contact us: 0800 433 2484
  • Book in for a complimentary 1:1 consultation
  • Start adding gifts to your list or request our checklist for inspiration

Step 2

Tell your guests 

  • Free notification cards, so your guests know where to find your list
  • Online account management. Login to view your list at any time
  • Get daily updates about the gifts that have been purchased from your list

Step 3

Delivery & Thank you's

  • Your list will be closed 4 weeks after your wedding & we will arrange delivery with you
  • Free delivery on all lists over £3000
  • Complimentary photo Thank You cards
  • We will send you a booklet with details of who purchased what and their address so you can say 'Thank You'

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